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Shotgun Messiah - Sound Fx Club, San Diego, CA, USA [13-04-1992]

Carátulas hechas por mí.

Shotgun Messiah
Sound Fx Club, San Diego, California, USA
13th April 1992
Soundboard Recording

01. Red Hot

02. Can't Fool Me
03. Search & Destroy
04. SexDrugsRockn'Roll

05. Heartbreak Blvd
06. Babylon
07. Don't Care 'Bout Nothin'
08. Living Without You
09. Nobody's Home
10. I Want More

Tracks 1-7 - Live at the Sound Fx Club (13th April 1992)
Tracks 8-10 - Acoustic Promos made for Radio Play Circa (July 1992)


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Pedro dijo...

Hi there, i would like to download all the Shotgun Messiah bootlegs you've got but all the links are dead, can you please post new links?

Thanks and cheers!

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